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Apr 03 2014

Eliminating contactor chatter with ABB AF contactors

Posted by Mark Londre in Automation


While chatter continues to be a persistent point of frustration in the motor control sector of industrial control devices, ABB has reached a new benchmark in voltage mitigation with their AF contactor. Through its integrated circuit (IC),the contactor is able to regulate the input voltage and operate within a discrete time domain. There is no partial operation since the contactor effectively remains either on or off, which allows chatter to be eliminated.

An additional benefit of the IC control is its ability to establish the necessary electromagnetic field with less current. In turn, control power transformers and power supplies can be down sized. This means the ABB AF contactor has the capacity to reduce both panel space and cost savings. A side-by-side demo of the ABB AF contactor and its performance against current competitors can be viewed below.