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Sep 16 2014

Exploring Siemens' Totally Integrated Automation services

Posted by Bryan Garness in Automation

For those looking to further familiarize themselves with Siemens' Totally Integrated Automation capabilities and product portfolio, the company hosts a substantial amount of resources to explore. For those totally unfamiliar with these services, Siemens explains it as follows...

'As varied and different as the individual processes and tasks may be in the automation of industrial processes also: what matters is to view the big picture.

This integral analysis of the complete production process creates the prerequisites for an integral optimization of efficiency and productivity, the decisive factors for a better production.

Totally Integrated Automation enables the manufacturing industry to optimize its value chain. Having all automation components working together efficiently offers clear benefits in each phase of the production process.' –via Siemens

The site provides a well-rounded collection of  videos and literature to help understand how these data-monitoring services can influence your application. Some of the broader concepts are well laid out in the infographic below. 


For more information on the Totally Integrated Automation, contact your Standard Electric account manager.