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Sep 30 2014

Benefits of the Lightly Managed Ethernet Switch from Belden

Posted by Tim Sheppard in Automation

Belden offered a blog post this week disussing the benefits of Lightly Managed Industrial Ethernet Switches. The post breaks down several benefits that moving from unmanaged to lightly managed can offer. As Belden explains, 'For industrial manufacturers looking for a cost-effective way of entering the world of managed switches, the GECKO 4TX offers simple network management and enhanced network availability. Network parameters can be centrally configured using a web interface, while redundancy and diagnostic functions ensure high network availability.'

image via Belden

Belden also discusses common motivators for such a potential shift. These can include... 

- Implementation of redundancy cannot be achieved via unmanaged    switches
- Security risks stemming from unused ports
- Vast needs demanded by various Ethernet protocols
- An increased need to monitor diagnostics

The blog post also goes in greater depths of the benfeits that arise after Lightly Managed Industrial Ethernet Switches are implemented. You can find more information on Belden's GECKO 4TX Lite Managed Industrial Ethernet Rail-Switch here

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