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Nov 11 2014

A look at Linear Mount Products from GAM

Posted by Nathan Vanderloop in Automation

Since Standard Electric began recently offering GAM products earlier this fall, we've made some of the manufacturer's resources available via our blog. This week, GAM recently shared a brochure further outlining their Linear Mount Products. Below is from a recent press release from GAM...

'GAM’s Linear Mount Products are a unique line of products designed to mount directly to actuators. This offering started with just a single item, the LSK (Linear Slide Kit) after GAM noticed customers having difficulty mounting motors to actuators. Over the years, it has evolved into a complete range of gearboxes, couplings, and adapter kits. The product range expanded even further as GAM leveraged its flexible manufacturing operations and engineering resources to integrate individual products into complete system solutions as a service to customers.

“We really wanted to highlight our flexibility and capabilities beyond what customers may have known about or have seen in previous catalogs,” said Craig Van den Avont, President of GAM, “This brochure really captures the essence of the level of value added service that we provide to our customer base.”

The eight page full color brochure features a variety of GAM products configured in actual applications from basic to complex. “By showing these various application successes, we hope to spark the creativity of our customers and ultimately improve their machine designs.” Van den Avont added. Beyond actuator systems, the brochure also illustrates how GAM’s experience and expertise can help customers in other market segments.'

You can find the PDF below, and you can find GAM's original press release by clicking here.

For more information on GAM products, contact your Standard Electric Account Manager.