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May 12 2015

Save $100 on FLIR's Spot Thermal Camera for a Limited Time

Posted by Bill Hirschinger in Automation

FLIR's TG165 Spot Thermal camera combines single-spot infrared technology with FLIR's high-quality infrared camera capabilities. With the advantage of thermal imaging, the TG165 will allow you to discover temperature issues that won't be noticeable with common spot radiometers.

Now, you can increase the confidence and speed of your work all at a new low price. For a limited time, Standard Electric Supply Co. customers can save $100 on the TG165 Spot Thermal Camera from FLIR. The TG165 allows users to recognize temperature issues you won't see on a typical spot meter. Buy now and you'll also receive a free carrying case. Find out how to take advantage of this deal by clicking the link below.