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Aug 28 2015

More Recommendations for Schneider Electric's Twido Controller Phase Out

Posted by Jon Herrity in Automation

Earlier this week, we looked at the Modicon M221 as a recommended solution for Schneider Electric's upcoming Twido controller phase out. When looking at this proposed transition, it's important to consider how Schneider Electric's free SoMachine Basic software simplifies the integration process.

The SoMachine Basic software is an efficient, user-friendly tool. Additionally, any programming from SoMachine Basic can be effortlessly transferred to one of Schneider Electric's more advanced controllers should your application needs grow beyond the Modicon M221's capabilities.

Schneider Electric has continued its tradition of support for legacy PLC products with their introduction of the Modicon M221 Nano class processors. In small industrial automation applications, where processing power and physical robustness is desired, Nano PLCs can offer a cost-effective solution.  The Modicon M221 Nano PLC allows a direct migration path from its predecessor products like the Telemecanique Twido and Telemacanique TSX-07 Nano.  The ladder Logic programs from these older platforms will port directly into the free SoMachine Basic software that is used to program the Modicon M221.


Transitioning to a Modicon M221 unit with SoMachine Basic will also give you the confidence to grow your application in the future. If you find youreslf needing additional I/O or more robust networking capabilities down the road, SoMachine Basic can easily transfer your Modicon M221 programming on to more advanced hardware. 

You can learn more about the benefits of the Modicon M221 in the video below. To request more information, click here!