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Sep 11 2015

4 Steps to Follow for Comissioning of a PLC System via the Electrical Engineering Portal

Posted by Bill Hirschinger in Automation

The Electrical Engineering Portal recently shared a valuable walkthrough regarding the important steps that are taken during the comissioning of a PLC system. As many of our customers and fellow engineers likely know, the process of system optimization can often be a continuous effort with new areas for improvement and efficiencies regularly presenting themselves as software and components advance. EEP's steps function as a helpful quality-check regardless of where you may be in the process. The steps they explore in the article are...

-The Modicon m251 from
Schneider Electric
  1. Checking the hardware
  2. Transferring and testing the software
  3. Optimization of the software
  4. Commissioning of the entire system

You can find the whole article by clicking here or on any of the links above. For more information on our PLC offerings, click here.