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Feb 15 2017

Schneider Electric automates your material handling process

Posted by Brian Southern in Automation

See how to optimize your material handling processes with Schneider Electric’s full range of components, including embedded safety. Learn how to reduce energy consumption with numerous features and how to speed-up operations in this short video.

Regardless of your focus – storage or conveyor systems, picking and sorting or a full automated warehouse – in order to increase profitability, you must supply safer, connected, flexible and efficient machines at a reduced cost and with shorter lead-times.

You can also learn more about the latest products and solutions at Automation Express 2017. With more than 45 of our manufacturers on hand and Standard Electric's team of 30+ engineers, it will be an opportunity to receive personalized solutions and input on your material-handling applications.

Solution Options

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

To answer the trend of increased speed and accuracy requirements, reduced cycle time, and complete automation of operations, Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems are the core solution for your storage needs. Schneider Electric offers scalable control solutions, whether it is to control one carousel or various fully automated high-rise shelves.

Pick and Place Robots

Whether embedded in a machine, or as a standalone cell within a fully integrated solution, robots are often the key to designing highly flexible machines. Easy integration into the control and diagnostic systems of operation or production lines are just one key benefit of robotics.

Automated Conveying Systems

This standard conveyor can be easily automated with controllers for integration into the chain of operation, simultaneously increasing speed and accuracy. Automation requires open standards, intuitive engineering tools, and effective communication concepts. Interfaces for vertical integration also need to be considered, even for simple machines.

Automated Guided Vehicles

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are replacing functions traditionally fulfilled by workers. AGVs are often the key to designing highly flexible product flows, as they reduce labor costs, improve safety, and reduce product and equipment damage.