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Jun 12 2017

Omron Adept Robotics Programming in Ladder Logic & Structured Text

Posted by Kenny Horn in Automation

For SCARA, parallel and articulated robotics applications, Omron Adept robotics can now be programmed and controlled directly by PLC using the ePLC Connect feature.  Function blocks and User Defined Types (UDTs) are available for a specified controller (Omron, Rockwell, and Siemens currently supported) allowing for ladder logic and structured text programming of applications such as pick-and-place, part transfer, and screw driving. The application programs and locations are defined and reside within the PLC and the ePLC software library interprets this data and commands the robot to move. Customers new to robotics can install, program, operate and support high-performance robots in their native PLC language.

Utilizing local support, including Vision Control and Automation and Omron’s Robotics Application Engineers, Standard Electric has helped provide robotics solutions for local integration unfamiliar with robotics programming language, however experienced with IEC 61131-3 based programming. The integrator felt that future troubleshooting would be easier by utilizing this function, preferred to have the program available locally in the PLC, and wanted to reduce the end user’s cost of ownership by limiting the need for supplemental training to support the equipment. Using Omron’s software platform, Sysmac Studio, the integrator was able to program an Omron NJ PLC, NX remote IO, and multiple Omron Adept robots on only one platform!

For applications where the robotics programming language (V+) is preferred, Omron also provides free software (ACE) which comes standard with application wizards to reduce engineering time and has enhanced visualization for simulating changes and testing new scenarios.

When utilizing Omron’s control platform, additional functions are available such as conveyor tracking and tool commands.  Additional information is provided below regarding the Omron Robot Control Library and ePLC functions.

For RSLogix 5000 and Siemens users, Omron Adept has provided a User’s Guide for the ePLC function.