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Feb 21 2014

Enclosure Modification Services | When Project Deadlines Require Quick Turnaround

Posted by Todd Hartke in Enclosures

When basic enclosures don’t meet your project needs, Standard Electric’s Enclosure Modification Services can help. Our on-staff Enclosure Specialists can assist you with any of your modification needs, while providing you with a streamlined and cost-effective way to quickly modify your enclosures based on the exact specifications your project requires. Here are some of the top questions we get asked regarding our Enclosure Modification Services:


1. Do you paint the enclosures? What type of painting process do you use?

Yes we are able paint both the inside and the outside of the enclosures using either a wet coat or powder coat.  Since each process has its unique challenges, we work closely with the customer to determine colors and which method is ideal for their project. 

2. How much lead time does customizing (holes/cutouts, painting, assembly, etc.) an enclosure require?

Lead time will vary from project to project. This time is calculated based on several factors such as complexity of assembly, quantity/availability of enclosures, availability of paint (special or standard), the number of cutouts per enclosure and more. For a more accurate quote, please contact your Standard Electric Account Manager.

3. How many units do I need to purchase in order for Standard Electric to paint, add holes/cutouts, assembly, etc.? (will you do this for 1 unit, 2 units or do I need several units before you will modify an enclosure?)

We will modify a single enclosure or several enclosures, based on the customer's request.

4. What types of enclosure assemblies does Standard Electric Provide?

We are able to bay enclosures together, install handles, plinths, disconnect hardware, shelves, chassis bars, swing-frames, mounting air conditioners, busbar and more. We will provide you with a cost-effective way to quickly modify your enclosures based on the exact specifications your project requires.

5. What types of cutouts can be done? How are the holes and cutouts made?

Using a CNC machine, we make cutouts based on the customer's drawing. We will work with your specifications to make sure your project requirements are met.

6. Does Standard Electric do any wiring of the panels? Will you drill and tap holes in the mounting panel?  Will you install components on the mounting panel?

Standard Electric does NOT do any electrical wiring, however, we will drill and tap holes and mount components to the electrical panel.

7. Will Standard Electric modify or assemble any type of enclosure?

We can modify or assemble any type or brand of enclosure (Steel, Fiberglass, Stainless Steel). Should your project require painting, we will work with you to determine the method that works best with your type of enclosure.

8. How long has Standard Electric been modifying enclosures?

In 2001, Standard Electric and the Rittal Corporation teamed up to build an Enclosure Modification Center in Sheboygan, Wisconsin to provide shorter lead times and local enclosure modification expertise. Today, Standard Electric's Enclosure Modification Center has grown to not only provide an extensive enclosure inventory and a quicker turnaround, but also unmatched local capabilities including accessory installation, component mounting and a Flexibar Work Center. 

9. What else can your Enclosure Modification Services provide?

Standard Electric will work closely with a customer's project requirements to create a cost-effective, unique project solution with a quick turnaround time. Click here to view a gallery of our custom enclosure projects and read a case study on a unique project that we completed for a customer that required 85 custom-built enclosures under a tight deadline.


For more information on Standard Electric's Enclosure Modification Services, contact your Standard Electric Account Manager.