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Facility and Safety Identification

Feb 28 2014

Crouse-Hinds LEDs | Safe & Reliable Luminaires for Your Facility

Posted by Michele DeWitt in Facility and Safety Identification

Eaton's Crouse-Hinds Business offers the broadest portfolio of LED luminaires for any industrial or hazardous application. Additionally, Crouse-Hinds utilizes more than 100 years of lighting expertise to optimize the benefits of LED technology to offer the safest and most reliable luminaire on the market.


Industrial High Bay LED Series

What types of applications can this series be used in?

The Industrial High Bay LED Series can be used in all indoor and dry locations requiring continuous and consistent light levels. These luminaires are perfect for areas requiring frequent on-and-off lights as well as areas that are difficult to relamp or areas that traditionally cause production downtime for the lamp maintenance process. The Industrial High Bay LEDs are ideal for ordinary clean, light industrial production facilities, packaging facilities and warehouses.

What competitive features do the Industrial High Bay LEDs offer?

These LEDs offer up to 69% energy savings over traditional 400W metal halide fixtures. With 60,000 hours (rated life) of maintenance-free operation for labor and material savings over the life of the fixture, you can experience a two to three year payback by retrofitting four or six lamp T5HO or traditional 400W metal halide high bay fixtures. In addition, these LEDs provide an operating temperature of -30°C to +40°C ambient lighting temperature as well as occupancy sensing control for enhanced energy savings.


What Certifications and Compliances do these LEDs meet?

The Industrial High Bay's meet both UL1598 and cUL construction requirements as well as the DesignLights Consortium (for the UNV1 model)


What advantages does Crouse-Hinds' new Pro Series Industrial LED Family have over competitors?

The robust Pro Series Industrial LED family is the perfect replacement of existing HID, floodlights and incandescent fixtures with an expected operating life of 60,000 hours at the maximum operating temperature of the luminaire and consuming 50% less energy than the traditional fixtures (85% less energy consumption for incandescent luminaires). The Pro Series also offers shock-and-vibration-resistant solid state devices that have no filaments or glass components that could break, ultimately reducing premature failure. Since the LEDs contain no mercury or other hazardous substances, disposal costs are lower than traditional lamps as well. 


For more information on Crouse-Hinds LEDs, contact your Standard Electric Account Manager