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Facility and Safety Identification

Apr 29 2014

First impressions of Littelfuse's iDesign web application

Posted by Andy Penkalski in Facility and Safety Identification

Last week, Littelfuse launched their new web-based fuse selector application, iDesign™. Ostensibly, this kind of digital selection tool should be a logical displacer of the standard catalog and database-scanning methods that have long been industry norms. In the way of circuit-related purchasing, fuse producers boast some of the most specialized product lines, which can make long-utilized modes of selection (like Littelfuse's previously implemented Fuseology resource) seem laborious and largely open to human error. 

Granted, this hesitation in purchasing can often be a one-time experience after initial circuitry needs are identified. But the greatest asset of iDesign stems from its ability to provide greater assurance when panels are still in the prototyping phase. Littelfuse director of technical marketing Bharat Shenoy uses this vantage point for his walkthrough below. 

While the application's wide range of built-in tutorials and technical explanations lower the learning curve for casual buyers, the larger goal of Littelfuse's intention here seems to be an expedited selection process rather than a simplification. Due to the specialization of most fuse implementations, this distinction remains a sensible one.

Littelfuse iDesign Tutorial from Speed2Design on Vimeo.


To begin tinkering with the iDesign app, click here.