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Facility and Safety Identification

Jul 15 2014

Brady's Link360 Software and Remote Integration

Posted by Don Bangert in Facility and Safety Identification

Last week in Standard Talks, we touched upon the hurdles that are still attempting to be cleared in regards to large-scale Cloud integration within the manufacturing and automation industries. While many remain ambivalent in regards to the service's security and cost, there undoubtedly remains day-to-day duties of any plant operation that can be alleviated by online processes–safety identification being one of them. 

We've previously looked at mobile app services like Hubbell's twist lock selectors, and this sort of catalog-to-go software has become fairly commonplace within the industry. However, Brady's Link360® visual workplace software is a stronger example of mobile implementation that draws upon Cloud capabilities. Here, we have a crucial thread of plant-floor operation that simultaneously simplified and enhanced through its web-based functions. It's also sensible that these offline operational "systems" would be some of the first and easiest to shift to the Cloud since concerns of data cost and security are slightly diminished in something like visual coding.

As Brady Client Services explains it, 'LINK360 software gives managers a complete view of the activities that are performed to create, use, and update visual information found on and around equipment and machines – whether at a single location or across many. Because the software is cloud-based, this unique solution is available anywhere you access the internet.'

More information about the software's security credentials and applications can be found in the document below.

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