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Facility and Safety Identification

Sep 05 2014

Support Resources for Your Brady Products

Posted by Don Bangert in Facility and Safety Identification

I know that it may be hard to believe that there is still more to be aware of regarding what Brady has to offer with all that has been covered at this point.  Not unlike the thousands of students that are or will be returning to the class rooms this month to continue their education, we too must stay informed on what tools are available for us to assist our customers.  This month’s item of particular interest will be within the website and some of the specific areas that can be of particular interest.

The “Support” tab on the top right side of the “Home” page is where I will direct you to for Brady software resources.  Once selected this tab will provide direction to free downloads of “Software Updates”, “Printer Firmware Updates”, “Technical Data Sheets” for all of the Brady “B” material numbers, “Printer Drivers”, “Product Manuals”, “Literature” and many other items that can be of assistance for system support.

As Brady continues to upgrade the materials used in Brady printing systems, making sure that through “Software & Firmware Updates”, these printing systems will continue to recognize and print correctly on any and all current and new materials is always important.  Should you receive an error message on their printer that will not allow the necessary product to be printed, updates to the Firmware and or Software often resolve these issues.  The “Technical Data Sheets” answer many of the questions that come up regarding how any particular material will perform for the application being considered.  Just enter the “B” number such as (B-427) in the search box and it will direct you to those pages.

 There are many more areas of information that can be accessed from the “Support” tab of the Brady Home page available to anyone willing to take a few moments to let their fingers do the walking.  We will address other areas within later.  For now, just be aware of all that is available. 

Before I close, I want to share a new piece of technology that was just launched by Brady.  It is a Free App for your Android or IPhone that will allow you to access Brady Catalogs and literature as you would from your PC and have the ability to email directly from your device whatever page or document that you need to send.  Please see the pdf below for instructions.

Form more information on Brady Client Services, contact your Standard Electric account manager.