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Facility and Safety Identification

Dec 16 2014

A Look at Visual Workplace Offers and Resources from Brady

Posted by Don Bangert in Facility and Safety Identification

Brady Client Services shared a new resource this week to better outline the goals and ultimate impact of creating a visual workplace. Their 'Create a Visual Workplace: 5S Plus Guidebook' resource explores the longterm benefits of such changes (e.g. waste reduction and cost savings) while also exploring the methodology that leads to these results. 

Brady describes their visual workplace philosophy as 'a lean concept that’s all about putting important information right where employees need to see it. This concept plays a critical role in some of the most popular lean tools, including 5S. That’s because it creates a sustaining base for lean improvements to remain clearly visible, readily understood and consistently adhered to.
To sum it up, using labels for safety information, procedures, facility identification and a variety of other applications is a great way to help reduce waste, enhance knowledge and improve productivity for the long haul.'

You can download Brady's 5S Guidebook by clicking here.

For those interested in learning more about the program's implementation, Brady is currently offering two complimentary services for a limited time. Customers can now sample one to two of Brady Client Services' Visual Workplace Audits. Brady is also offering a one-hour 5S Waste Walk to explore improvements for a portion of any customer's facility. More details on both of these limited-time offers can be found in the PDF below. 

For more information on any of these services from Brady, please contact your Standard Electric account manager.