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Facility and Safety Identification

Jan 09 2015

Brady shares 2015 Safety, Facility and Equipment Identification Catalog

Posted by Don Bangert in Facility and Safety Identification

With the commencement of the new year, Brady has released its 2015 Safety, Facility and Equipment Identification Catalog. Along with the physical release (available here), Brady has also provided an interactive and downloadable digital version as well, which you can browse by clicking here.

Perma-mount Ball Valve

Safelex Universal
Cable Lockout

Safety Redbox

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In addition to the catalog, Brady also introduced new three new lockout tagout products this week via press release: 

Perma-mount™ Ball Valve – Addressing the inability to find the correct lockout device, this ball valve lockout permanently adheres to the pipe to ensure that the device is always at the point of need.

Safelex™ Universal Cable Lockout with Integrated Hasp – Available in a variety of sizes, these cables allow for the versatility to lock out multiple electrical or valve energy isolation points.

Safety Redbox™ – This portable and wall-mountable device allows for easy transportation and placement anywhere in your facility.

Courtney Bohman, product marketing specialist at Brady says,“Lockout tagout has once again been named to OSHA’s Top 10 Most Frequently Cited Standards having the products needed to effectively lockout equipment is more important than ever. Brady’s latestlockout devices address specific customer concerns in innovative and unique ways to helpsolve the challenges that facilities face every day.”

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