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Facility and Safety Identification

Jul 14 2015

An Update on Brady Link 360 Cloud-Based Software

Posted by Don Bangert in Facility and Safety Identification

Keeping up with the operational reliability and compliance to regulatory mandates of any facility is often quite overwhelming.  Brady Link 360 Cloud-based software may just be the answer to getting your arms around these issues. 

Whether the need is for Lockout Tagout Compliance or the reliability that can be achieved through the use of Total Predictive Maintenance.  Brady Link 360 Software is the tool to bring these activities under control with the use of easy to understand visual information.

The brochure on the Link 360 Software should provide the basic information to better explain this products potential along with the two examples of just what the actual visual output will look like in a Lockout Tagout application and for a TPM application.

Please contact your Standard Electric Supply Co. Account Manager for additional information to address your specific requirements.

Brady Link 360 Software Brochure
Brady Link 360 Software Example Procedure