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Facility and Safety Identification

Jul 28 2017

Showing off the Brady Jet J5000

Posted by Paul Sanford in Facility and Safety Identification


This year, Standard Electric Supply featured several new products at our Brady booth at Automation Express 2017 held in May at the Harley Davidson Museum. The BradyJet J5000 inkjet printer was one that caught a lot of attention. With the help of Senior Brad Representative, Edwin Ojeda, we were able to set up an interactive display showcasing the ability and print quality of the BradyJet printer.


The BradyJet J5000 is a state-of-the-art solution for on-demand print jobs and provides high quality images for virtually any safety scenario in the workplace. In order to demonstrate the speed and color capabilities, Edwin and I took group pictures of our customers and printed them off in a matter of seconds via the BradyJet. This demonstration helped showcase the 4800 dpi imaging that the BradyJet can be used for in various Lockout/Tagout formats, as well as other safety signage that requires complex coloring and pictures. The 6 inches/second speed also impressed customers when they witnessed the time saved when completing any job with the BradyJet.

Brady Jet J5000


With the free and downloadable Brady Workstation software, the BradyJet has the ability to print up to 16 million colors and can pump out 5,000 labels per day. No pre-printing is necessary and with the large ink cartridges, there is less time spent with changeovers and it virtually eliminates the waste of labels. The BradyJet is an all-around perfect solution for safety identification, providing crystal clear imaging for pipemarkers, lockout/tagout employee photos, asset management, GHS labeling, etc. There are even hard plastic templates available to apply your larger signs to, allowing you to mark an entire facility.


Brady offers demonstrations of the BradyJet J5000 by request. I am always happy to coordinate a lunch and learn, at any time. Please check out the following videos and brochure for additional information.





Click on the image below to see videos of the Brady Jet J5000 in action!