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Mar 22 2016

March's Featured Product | F 10 Bluelight Photoelectric Proximity Switch from Sensopart

Posted by Dan Giebel in Featured Products

For sensing applications involving dark or transparent objects, accurate detection can often be a challenge. As made apparent in the video below, Sensopart's F 10 bluelight photoelectric proximity switch alleviates this common painpoint that can occur with standard red light sensors. The blue light option functions as an economic alternative to traditional retro-reflective light barriers and suits a wide range of applications. Some of its detection benefits include...

  • reliable detection of shiny object surfaces even at wide angles, e.g. varnished wooden surfaces, coated metal and painted plastic parts
  • detects transparent objects without a reflector, e.g. film, Petri dishes and cannulae
  • detection of very dark objects, e.g. solar wafers, foam material and plastics

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