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Nov 07 2017

Minimum Size, Maximum Convenience, Unmatched Reliability The WAGO 221 Series

Posted by Cody Bohl in Featured Products

Proven and perfected: WAGO's 221 Series COMPACT Splicing Connectors for all wire types set new standards. This new series is 40 percent smaller and even more user-friendly than its successful predecessor, the 222 Series.

WAGO's new “superstars” for electrical installations allow solid, stranded and fine-stranded wires to be connected faster, in less space and more reliably: This is not just made possible by their compact design, but also by their transparent housing, easier handling and two test ports.

Benefits from the WAGO 221 splicing connectors include:

-Up to 40 percent less spaces required than for the original WAGO 222
-Transparent housing for visual inspection shows the wire is inserted properly and stripped to the correct length
-Easy termination via reduced operating force
-Can hold any combination of wire types and sizes from 0.14 to 4 mm2 (24-12 AWG) with 2-, 3-, and 5-wire connectors
-Two test slots for all standard probes

The WAGO 221 series also includes a new mounting carrier for DIN-Rail. The pluggable empty housings and interface modules are available for customer, specialty applications or different relay assemblies. The new mounting carriers for DIN-Rails:

-Provide a secure fit for splicing connectors on DIN-rail or flat panel
-Can be mounted in vertical or horizontal orientation
-Simplify access to and assignment of connected conductors
-Offers an additional marking and strain relief option
-Tool-free insertion and removal of connectors
-Suitable for all 221 Series Splicing Connectors

Ratings up to 32A/450 V and 105 degrees Celsius maximum continuous operating temperature allow the 221 Series Splicing Connectors to be used at ambient temperatures up to 85 degrees Celsius (T85), making them ideal for small and large loads. Additionally, approvals like ENEC or UL allow them to be used in worldwide applications.

To order any of the WAGO 221 series, visit or contact your account manager. 

WAGO 221 Series Brochure