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Oct 31 2014

3D Printing's Potential Impact on Industrial Automation via Automation World

Posted by Andy Penkalski in Industry News

While 3D printing has now become a somewhat ubiquitous presence at industry events, the technology can still often feel more like a novelty than a legitimate mode of production in the automation world. This week, however, Automation World's David Greenfield took some time to reflect on the concrete cost benefits that should eventually propel the technique toward a more commonplace role in manufacturing. 

Much of the information comes via IHS senior analyst Alex Chausovsky, who discusses how recent material advances–such as the ability to now print with metals–are now making 3d production more viable. One of the more staggaring benefits he mentions are potential lead time and cost savings, both of which can be reduced by over 90 percent. 

You can find the whole article by clicking here. You can also watch an interview with Chausovsky on the subject of 3D printing below.