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Jul 10 2015

A Look at Solar Impulse 2's Transoceanic Flight via ABB

Posted by Steve Dictus in Industry News

If you've been following any industry-related news, you've likely at least heard mention of Solar Impulse 2's historic transoceanonic flight. A week ago, the team completed the largest leg of their around-the-world journey, which took them from Nagoya, Japan to Honolulu, Hawaii. Next week, Pilot Bertrand Piccard will take over the next stretch toward Phoenix, AZ. ABB has put together a highly interactive microsite that allows visitors to track everything from the plane's progress to the pilot's vitals. You can find this and other articles on the trip so far here.

What's been discussed less than ABB's direct sponsorship of the flight is the organization's close involvement with Solar Impulse 2's most essential operations. Tamara Tursijan, a field service engineer for medium-voltage drives, and Nicolas Loretan, an engineer from ABB’s traction converters factory in Turgi, all played dedicated roles in the optimization of much of the aircraft's emergency equipment. Tursijan contributed to the control system of the plane's inflatable mobile hangar, which supports the flight in case of unscheduled or aborted landings. ABB's relays and breakers played a key role in ensuring the system's reliability. 

You can watch the ABB team discuss their involvement in the video below. You can also read more about their experiences here.

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