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Jul 11 2014

Discussions on IoT and Manufacturing's Changing Data Landscape

Posted by Andy Penkalski in Networking

This month's well of industry news has been drawing deeply from talking points surrounding the evolving landscape of cloud-based operations and manufacturing's place within Internet of Things (IoT)–most notable was Manufacturing Leadership's reflection on Google's Big Data conversation during their 10th annual summit.

There, Google’s senior enterprise consultant for manufacturing, Tom Howe, touched upon many of the key issues facing manufacturing today as the company has become a significant global producer itself. As the Big-Data sector continues to boom, prospective services like Google's growing cloud-based services seem to offer newfound relief in regards to both data digestion and access. As Google attempts to resolve these dilemmas for their own manufacturing applications, Howe seems to suggest that they could potentially offer these resolutions for others.

However, in an industry where application security is critical to continued operation, plenty elsewhere still seem hesitant of handing their operation's digital keys over to the Cloud. Control Engineering featured several resources last week exploring both the potential positives and negatives of transferring operational data into this more nebulous sphere of storage while still ensuring industry security standards remain in tact. With security remaining paramount to profitibility in manufacturing, it just seems to be a question of how long it will take the left hand to shake the right.