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May 20 2016

Defining the Benefits of the IIoT

Posted by Isaac Haight in Networking

As technology becomes more sophisticated by the day so do many industrial applications. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has had an ever-growing presence in the field. However, with many businesses unsure of the benefits and ROI for its applications, there is naturally a lag between new developments and implementation.

The IIoT has the ability to connect sensors to analytic and other systems to automatically improve performance, safety, reliability and energy efficiency. So, in order to help define specifically how the IIoT can improve your applications, communicating what specific enhancements it offers is of the upmost importance. Here is a broad example of how it may benefit a sensor application:

1. By collecting data from sensors more efficiently than ever, because sensors are often battery powered and wireless, the IIoT is more cost effective.

2. Interpreting the data it gathers strategically using big data analytics and other techniques can turn the data into actionable information.

3. Presenting this actionable information to the right person, either plant personnel or remote experts, at the right time is made easier due to speed and reliability.