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Jun 21 2016

Get to know our Director of Product Training, Mick Warning

Posted by Mick Warning in Our Experts

Recently, I accepted a newly formed position here at Standard Electric as the Director of Product Training.  I have always enjoyed building projects and have had just as much fun explaining the procedure to others.  The big challenge is making training sessions as interesting as possible; it’s very satisfying getting positive comments back from the students that take the courses I design for their benefit.  It’s great to see Standard commit the resources required to work toward having the most knowledgeable staff in the industry!


Previously, I held the role of General Manager of Vision Control & Automation in Appleton, Wisconsin. Having spent four years as a machinery service technician, four years as an electrical controls engineer and 22 years in electrical distribution, Vision Control & Automation allowed me to apply new technology products to solve persistent process problems. In the 22 years I've spend in electrical distribution, I've experienced inside and outside sales, engineering, management and now training.


My areas of expertise include Motor Control Logic, Industrial Sensors, Vision Sensors and Hoarding Obsolete Controls, and specialize in Omron, ABB, Square D controls. My favorite types of applications include verifying the presence of safety seals and date codes, as it has become relatively routine for me.  I also enjoy working with the new vision systems and distance measuring sensors.  My favorite projects include putting controls where you don’t normally find them; I have a PLC controlling my chicken coop, for instance. 


Outside of engineering and training, my main hobby is building/flying/racing RC airplanes.  I am also a member of a biker gang that cruises the streets of Poy Sippi on our motorized Schwinns.  I added a couple beehives last spring, so I guess I’m an apiarist if the bees make it through the winter!  Snowshoeing, playing with the chain saw, working the BBQ, etc., are all hobbies of mine as well.


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