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Jan 22 2016

A Look at Hubbell's Twist-Lock Selector App

Posted by Andy Penkalski in Safety Products

This year, we've already looked at several web-based and mobile apps–a commonly implemented tool that's slowly becoming an industry standard in the way of product support and troubleshooting. Today, we're looking at Hubbell's Twist-Lock® Selector app–available for iOS and Android. 

Released earlier this year, Hubbell's app provides similar resolves that something like Littelfuse's iDesign tool.

Twist-Lock® Selector app home page

Essentially, Hubbell's catalog is made searchable by rating, NEMA line number, catalog number (Hubbell or other manufacturer) or blade configuration. Users can scroll through the extensive line of locking devices offered by Hubbell—including Insulgrip®, Watertight, Safety Shroud®, Watertight Safety Shroud® and Valise®—or other manufacturers’ devices. Once a selection is made, the app provides a comprehensive data sheet with details on the specific Hubbell Twist-Lock device selected. 

Following the 'Amps Volts Poles/Wires' button,' the app allows the user to identify their appropriate plug set for their application by submitting ampere, voltage and pole requirements. Alternatively, the user can search by NEMA reference number as well.  

Amp Volt Poles/Wire selector

Amp Volt Poles/Wire search results









The app also features the option to search by NEMA configuration. The user only needs to select necessary amperage and then identify their needs from there. The application then provides results for the qualified plug/connector/receptacle/inlet families.

NEMA configuration selector

NEMA configuration results









The Twist-Lock® Selector app can be downloaded in the App Store for iOS and the Google Play store for Android.
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