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Sep 12 2017

Omron’s FH Vision System Using Think & See Technology

Posted by Kenny Horn in Sensors

 Omron’s FH Vision System Using Think & See Technology



Omron now offers an advanced vision system for inspection and measurement in automation with tools developed using Think & See technology. Think & See technology is a collaboration of Omron sensing technologies implemented in various infrastructure settings including Omron’s FH vision system, PCB inspection system, automated X-ray CT inspection system, vision based security systems, license plate recognition systems, Wrong-way driving detection systems, Segment sensors (detect visitor information at public venues with facial recognition/sensing technology), OCR/Character recognition, and several additional technologies.


These technologies help determine attributes of products, people, vehicles, or other objects faster, more precisely, and more easily than the human eye under various conditions. The FH vision system utilizes Think & See technology for its Shape Search III tool which can be used for detection of multiple workpieces even with background noise, overlapping, and defects with low error of pixels. The new technology makes this tool up to 9 times faster than previous Omron shape searching tools (previous shape search tools measured a 5 Mpix in 25-30ms Shape Search III can detect 5Mpix in less than 5ms). This system also includes new measurement tools such as the Glue Bead Inspection Tool which is used to evaluate sealing and unique paths numerically just by defining the start and end points of the object to inspect. This tool can provide critical data such as minimum and maximum path width as well as breaks in the path of a sealant tracing.




The FH vision system provides visualization of image comparisons for easy commissioning and indication of image correlation values from a registered model image. Graphical interfaces are preinstalled on FH vision systems which can easily be configured for machine operators with a basic interface or administrative access with full capabilities.





Omron also offers a wide range of cameras to utilize with the FH system including washdown cameras for food & beverage applications.


Omron FH Vision System:


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