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Apr 18 2017

Material Handling solutions coming to Automation Express

Posted by Isaac Haight in Standard News

Automation Express 2017 is an award-winning automation, safety and plant maintenance trade show that highlights unique solutions for running a safer and more efficient business. Since 2007, Standard Electric’s engineering team and our cutting-edge manufacturers have offered tomorrow’s innovation for your needs today. Your future success is as important as our own.  Which is why Standard invites you to attend at no cost to you!

Automation Express 2017 will feature more than 55 exhibiting manufacturers with technologies and products that can improve your processes. Below are three material handling-related solutions/products that will be on display at the show. You can sign up here for Automation Express, which is less than a month away. For information on each product/solution, click on the logo or title:

Omron Robotics Solutions

Give your material handling process the boost it needs with Omron’s Robotic Solutions. Quicken your deliveries with more efficient and flexible processes.  Let Omron help you with all aspects of your most demanding applications and provide a complete solution.


Leuze DCR 200i 

Leuze’s DCR 200i is a camera-based code reader for fast and easy 1D-and 2D -code reading. For automated material handling processes, the new DCR 200i combines simple handling with high reading performance – guaranteed, even with demanding reading tasks.


Iconics Hyper Historian: High speed, Reliable, and Robust Plant Historian

Iconics’ Hyper Historian software provides businesses with the data and analysis needed to make process improvements. Demand to do more with less and do it faster requires streamlined processes. Iconics is here to help you leverage your data and organize it in real time.