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Jun 10 2014

A look at eWON's Flexy product line

Posted by Mike Wojda in Wireless

As new M2M technology continues to advance communication capabilities in the OEM sector, eWON has recently made plenty of waves in terms of developing remote access tools for plant interfaces. Just last week, industry resource M2M Evolution announcend the recently-released eWON Flexy as one of their Products of the Year.

With routing functions between LAN, WAN and serial sides, the Flexy family allows two tiers of remote communications–both onsite and off. The Flexy 100 is a data collection gateway without any routing functions between LAN, WAN and serial sides. The main applications with the Flexy 100 are data monitoring and data collection from remote field equipments. With routing functions between LAN, WAN and serial sides, the Flexy 200 allows full remote access to devices located on the LAN side or on the serial side of the Flexy.

One of the more welcome features of both Flexy base models is their capacity for scalable modificications. The video below demonstrates the expanding capabilities of these modules through a variety of eWON enhancements.


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