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Sep 26 2014

Control Engineering Offers Wi-Fi Terminology Cheat Sheet

Posted by Andy Penkalski in Wireless

Control Engineering offered an extremely bookmark-worthy resource earlier this week for those finding themselves wading through Wi-Fi related jargon in their day-to-day duties. Their "Wi-Fi Acronyms, Wireless Buzzwords, WLAN Nomenclature, Wireless Terms" article is an exhaustive compilation of what looks to be nearly every term ever associated with Wi-Fi in the English language.

The list spans from your commonplace nouns ("Protocol: A set of rules that defines the method of exchanging data between devices. The TCP/IP protocol suite is an example of a protocol commonly used in data communication.") to more tongue-twisting phrases ("Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM): A technology designed to transmit many signals simultaneously over one transmission path in a shared medium; it is orthogonal in the sense that subcarriers are 90 deg out of phase with adjacent subcarriers.")

Author Daniel E. Capano also made sure to include all relative acroynms within the text, making the document plenty searchable in situations where one needs to reverse engineer an abbreviation. Once again, you can find the article here.

Never again will you be the only person in the room who isn't quite sure what Mu-MIMO stands for.