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Apr 28 2015

eWON Introduces Improved eCatcher 5 Software

Posted by mike wojda in Wireless

This week, eWON introduced a handful of updates for their eCatcher platform, which allows eWON users to access their Talk2M account via PC or laptop. Within eCatcher, all of your remote devices are available with a single click. Major improvements to eCatcher 5 include...

Enforced Secure Authorization
Two-factor authentication is now available in eCatcher 5 to enhance the security of your remote applications. Users now have the option of requiring a mobile confirmation code to increase their application's level of protection.

Simplified Download & Installation
eCatcher 5 no longer requires any specific IT authorization, which allows for a streamlined implementation that is more directly guided by your site's IT needs.

Optimized for Worldwide Peformance & Availability
eCatcher 5 has been optimized for a higher level of performance in global applications, specifically with an improved performance for routers located in China. 

VNC Support for Mitsubishi HMI
eCatcher 5 now supports applications that operate with Mitsubishi HMIs.

You can also find more information on the benefits of eWON's remote connectivity on a previous post by clicking here.

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