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Nov 30 2017

Revive Legacy Rockwell Panels with Schneider Electric’s Vijeo XL

Posted by Andy Schonert in Wireless

It’s no secret that there are many legacy Rockwell PanelMates, PanelBuilder32, and Factory Talk applications still running on their last legs. “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” holds very true in the industry. When these panels do start breaking though, we face the challenge of replacing not only the legacy hardware, but the programming software too. We could try finding replacements online, but ultimately this is going to cost more time and money in the long-run. 

Instead of band-aiding the issue, Schneider Electric has developed a useful Rockwell Conversion Tool. This tool transforms all graphics, commands, alarms, tags, etc. in legacy panels directly into a Vijeo XL application.This significantly minimizes conversion costs and gives operators the ‘same look and feel’.  I’ve seen operators control their machines fast enough where panel screens have barely loaded.  Providing the same screen layout allows for high operator efficiency.

When converting an application, we would suggest a two-step process. First, convert the entire application with the tool into Vijeo XL and run without changes:

Once all parties involved are comfortable, you can leverage new features and have the ability to:

  • Run on modern hardware and Operating Systems
  • Leverage Vijeo XL’s Web studio and access your application via HTML5
  • Integrate with SCADA Systems, Process Historians, ERP, and MES
  • Track machine data and understand performance with OEE templates
  • Monitor alarm notifications by email and text messages
  • Automatically generate valuable reports with actionable information

View the Schneider Electric Whitepaper HERE.

Moving to a modern platform reduces the stress, cost, and overall burden of maintaining legacy systems. By providing an upgrade path, Schneider Electric’s Vijeo XL is allowing customers to succeed and continue achieving their goal of an ever-connected facility.

Standard Electric is your local Schneider Electric Distributor in Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, and Indiana with a primary focus on the industrial market. If you have questions in converting your legacy applications, please contact us at 800-776-8222 or visit us at