Emergency Service Hotline

24-hour Emergency Technical Assistance

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At Standard Electric Supply Co., we are dedicated to helping you become more competitive and profitable. We understand that downtime can be a tremendous cost that directly affects the bottom line of customers. That is why we offer a 24-Hour Emergency Hotline.

The 24-Hour Emergency Service Hotline is an emergency voicemail that sends an immediate page to one of our knowledgeable, application oriented engineers.

“When we receive a page, we immediately check the message and contact the customer to see what we can help them with," said Bill Hirschinger, the Director of Engineering.

Customers can contact us for replacement products and equipment failures. Recently, a customer in Green Bay called the Emergency Hotline at 2:30 a.m. because they had a machine go down and needed to replace a photo eye. Fortunately, Standard Electric had the part in stock and the warehouse manager went to the Appleton location at 3 a.m. to process the order and credit card.

“When someone calls the Emergency Hotline, we try our best to find a solution for them," said Hirschinger. "Sometimes the solution is finding a part, other times it is having an engineer assist with an equipment failure.”