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Standard Electric's website was designed to give you an easy and convenient ordering experience. You can find a quick tutorial on Standard Electric's online ordering process in the video and text below; if you have any further questions about our website, please view the Site Features outlined below, visit our website contact page, or call (800) 318-4618.

Finding Items
There are several ways to find products on every page throughout the site...
Search Bar on the top of the page
Quickpad choose bulk order from the order support menu at the bottom of the page
Category links on the left side of the page

In the search box, you can enter keywords, item numbers and/or manufacturer names. Click Go, and a Product Return page will be displayed. By default, the search results show any products that match the first part of all keywords you enter.

To search for a specific manufacturer, enter the name and click Go. To refine the search further, enter the manufacturer's name along with the product name.

If you get too many search results, try using the Narrow Your Results box on the results page. Enter a keyword or two about what you are looking for and click Go. Only items containing your original new keywords will be returned.



On the left side of every page are the product categories, which allow you to browse for products. Each category has subcategories to differentiate the tpes of items it contains. Simply click on a subcategory, and the results page will display the products in that section or a list of additional subcategories.


For fast ordering by product number, enter the product number in the Quickpad, input the quantity and click add to cart. If you have more than 12 products, change the number (#) of lines and click Update for expanded ordering.

If there is one match, it will automatically be added to your cart. If there are multiple matches, summary page with the number of results will be displayed. If there are no matches, you will be prompted to try again.

More information About a Specific Product
To see additional product information about an item, click on the item description on the Results page. This page contains detailed information about a single product. Information here includes...

Product Description
The detailed description of the selected item.
Your Price
The price you would pay to purchase the item.
Quantity, Add Item to Cart, Add Item to My Product Groups
Enter the quantity you would like to purchase or add to a product group. You can then add the item(s) to your cart or add the items to a product group.

Adding Items to Your Cart
You can add items to your cart from the Results page or the More Information page.

From the Results Page
Enter the Quantity for each item, then click Add to Cart
From the More Info Page
On the Additional Product Information page, enter the Quantity for each item, then click Add to Cart

The Shopping Cart & Checkout Page
After adding items to your cart, the "Items have been added to your shopping cart" message is displayed. Click on the Shopping Cart link to display the Shopping Cart screen.

At this screen, you can change quantities, remove items or go onto checkout.

  • To modify quantities or add comments, click Update Cart.
  • To remove a product from your cart, click on the Delete icon or enter 0 in the Quantity field. Then, click Update Cart.
  • To remove ALL products from your cart, click the Clear Cart button.
  • Use the Save Cart button to save your shopping cart by name.
  • The Express Checkout button submits your order immediately using your defaul settings.
  • Click Checkout to enter and confirm your shipping and payment information and submit your order.

My Cart
If you have items in your cart that you would like to buy at a later date, you can save your cart by going to My Cart and clicking on the Save Current Cart. It will be available to you on future visits until you decide to delete it or submit the cart as an order. To buy items you saved previously, click on View Saved Carts, select the cart you would like and click Go. The items will be added to your current cart. To delete a saved cart, click on View Saved Carts, select the cart to be delected and click Delete.

Pay Without Credit Card
This option is available if your company has set up an account with us and arranged for company billing. If this is the case, when you check out, you will see an Express Checkout button. Clicking the Express Checkout button will set this order to be charged to your account, and you can continue with checkout.

My Account

Account Management
Edit Profile
Enter your contact information including your company billing address and shipping address. Update your login credentials here.
Credit Card Management 
Store a credit card or manage credit cards on file.
Personal Settings
Select your preferences for how products are displayed and purchases are processed.
Log Out

Account Review
Account Inquiry 
Check your account invoices
Monthly Statement 
Check your monthly account statements.
Open Orders by Product 
List Open Orders by Product.
Order Number 
View the open orders for this Bill-to/Ship-to
Order History 
View the transactions for this Bill-to/Ship-to

Product & Order Management
My Product Groups 
Save your favorite items and manage custom product groups here.
My Saved Carts 
Save your carts for ordering at a later time, working on bids, etc.
Quick Pad 
Use the Quickpad to quickly find products by item number or description.
Reorder Pad 
Reorder pad facilitates quick ordering of products you hvae purchased over the past year.
Import Purchase Order 
Place an order by uploading an electronic purchase order file.