Inventory Management Solutions

Inventory Management Solutions

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Standard Electric's inventory management solutions provide resources designed to increase both productivity and profits, directly improving your bottom line.

“Our commitment is to solutions, savings, and service. That is our promise to our inventory management customers,” Inventory Services Manager Jay Van Geffen said.

“Our inventory management solutions can decrease ordering costs, lower inventory carrying costs, eliminate stock out costs and reduce cost of products for our customers,” said Van Geffen.

Standard Electric’s inventory management solutions reduces ordering costs by eliminating the writing, processing and receiving of orders. “Our inventory management associate will go to a customer and electronically scan the appropriate material that needs to be ordered with the quantity needed. While still on site, he downloads the information into our system, creating the order. He then fills the order, delivers it to the customer and puts it away,” said Van Geffen.

In addition, inventory carrying costs are reduced because Standard Electric handles the inventory, maintains back up inventory at our facilities, and keeps records of the inventory used.

“We usually replenish inventories on a weekly basis. We set a min/max with the customer for each item, therefore minimal space is used at a facility,” said Van Geffen.  In addition to replenishing the inventory on a weekly basis, Standard Electric actively monitors inventory levels. This ensures that customers do not run out of stock, which helps eliminate stock out costs. “Through open lines of communication with customers, we are able to modify min/max of products as demand changes,” said Van Geffen.

Finally, Standard Electric can reduce our customers' product cost through ordering larger quantities of products and maintaining them in our warehouses. This allows Standard Electric to keep the inventory on hand and stock customers’ facilities only at the rate the products are needed.

“We want to help our customers reduce as much cost as possible, while also providing the best customer service in the industry,” said Van Geffen.