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Bringing YOU the training you asked for!

Standard Electric Supply Co. offers numerous training opportunities to keep you as up-to-date on new technologies as our engineers themselves. Our sessions explore a wide array of topics including basic electricity, safety, energy savings, and standards.

Learn from our training experts
     -We work with our valued suppliers to conduct meaningful technical trainings right in our own facilities.
     -Each of our engineers conducts an average of 72 hours of customer training annually.
     -That amounts to over 2,000 training hours!
     -Our engineers are specialists in their fields
     -We cover many subjects including CE certification, PLCs, Drives, Motion, Motor control centers and more!

What differentiates us?
     -We have varied degrees of proficiency and scope
     -We strive to offer a blend of both hands-on AND seminar-focused classes
     -All of our offices have been designed to easily accommodate and regularly update our focus on interactive technology training
     -“Please Don’t Touch” is a phrase you’ll never hear at one of our sessions

What will you get out of these classes?
     -A broadened knowledge base and better understanding of industry standards
     -Cutting-edge information
     -We can help YOU enhance performance and productivity!

If you have an interest in our offered classes or you would like a class customized to meet your specific needs, contact us at (888) 920-5572 or contact Joanne Moss at


Register for February Classes

  (2/12, 2/13, 2/19, 2/20)