ABB 2TLA022300R0300

2384500 MFG #: 2TLA022300R0300
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  • Enclosure Type: IP65
  • Finish: Painted
  • Light Source: Infrared LED
  • Number of Beams: 64
  • Operating Range: 0.2 to 6
  • Output Function Type: 2 PNP
  • Overall Height: 683.3
  • Protected Height: 600
  • Response Time: 22
  • Series: Orion1
  • Size: 32.3 mm W x 36.9 mm D
  • Storage/Operating Temperature: -25 to 70/0 to 55
  • Type: Type 4 Base Finger Detection
  • Cable length: 50
  • Connection type: M12 4-Pole Male on Transmitter/M12 8-Pole Male on Receiver
  • Housing material: Aluminum
  • Mounting type: Surface
  • Output current: 0.5
  • Power supply: 24

ABB 2TLA022300R0300

ABB Jokab Safety Light Curtain, Type 4 Base Finger Detection, Series: Orion1, 32.3 mm W x 36.9 mm D Size, 600 mm Protected Height, 0.2 to 6 m Operating, 64 Beam, 683.3 mm Overall Height, 22 ms Response, 5 deg Aperture Angle, Infrared LED Light Source, 24 VDC Supply, 2 PNP Output Function, 0.5 A Output Current, Aluminum Housing Material, Painted, IP65 Enclosure, M12 4-Pole Male on Transmitter/M12 8-Pole Male on Receiver Connection, 50 m Cable Length, -25 to 70/0 to 55 deg C Storage/Operating, Sur

Additional Description: ABB -2TLA022300R0300 Orion1-4-14-060-B Light Curtain RECEIVER

Catalog Description: Orion1 Base Light Curtain, Transmitter + Receiver, Resolution=14mm, Protected height=600mm, Range=0.2-6m,Type 4.

  • Specifications
  • Orion1 base comes with a minimum of advanced functionalities to save cost
  • M12 connectors speed up cabling
  • A 14 mm resolution is intended for finger detection when the light guard needs to be very close to the machine in order to give the operator a good view and easy accessibility to the machine
  • A 14 mm resolution enables a sensing range of 6 m
  • A local reset button is connected directly to the light guard instead of to the safety control module in the electrical cabinet
  • This saves safety relays/PLC inputs and minimizes cabling to the electrical cabinet
  • Clever accessories makes the connection easier
  • External device monitoring is a feature allowing the light guard to supervise the actuators in simpler applications, eliminating the need for a safety relay or programmable safety controller
  • A local reset button can be connected directly to the light curtain
  • In this way there is no need for a cable between the reset button and the electrical cabinet or for an extra control module
  • Each light curtain can monitor the actuators without any extra control module (EDM function)
  • Since the alignment level is displayed, the alignment can be improved before the occurrence of an unwanted stop
  • Extensive error indication reduces troubleshooting time
  • Protective tubes and lens shields protect the devices in harsh environments
  • Alignment help and a wide angle within the limits of a type 4 device facilitate alignment
  • Rotation brackets also simplify alignment