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Oct 03 2014

How Machine Vision Can Help You Succeed

Posted by IAS Automation in Automation

The following Standard Talk was originally posted in IAS Automation's October newsletter, which can be subscribed to hereIAS Automation is a Wisconsin-based engineering company focused on helping customers navigate, refine and deploy their initiatives for automation and integration. You can learn more about their services by clicking here.

Machine vision may be a well known automation tool, but revealing if and where it can be applied in your own facility can still be a difficult task. These simple questions can help you determine if you're missing out on an opportunity to see significant process improvements through machine vision.   

Do You Rely On Manual Inspections?
Manual inspection stations are costly, hazardously repetitive for workers and can either produce errors in inspection or call for inspections that simply cannot be done reliably with the human eye. It is an often cited statistic that 100% human inspection catches 80% of the errors. This is a great place to apply vision technology.

Have You Ever Had A Product Recall?
Product recalls are extremely costly to the manufacturer and can severely damage relationships with customers. One recall due to missed inspection can dwarf the cost of an expertly integrated vision system.

You can find more information on implementing vision capabilities in the PDF below


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