Training & Seminars

Training & Seminars

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Standard Electric Supply Co.’s engineering team is well aware of our industry’s ever-evolving learning curve. That’s why we offer numerous training opportunities to keep our customers as up-to-date on new technologies as our engineers themselves.

Each of our engineers conducts an average of 72 hours of customer training annually. That amounts to over 2000 training hours that Standard Electric makes available to customers each year. Our sessions explore a wide array of topics including basic electricity, safety, energy savings, and standards.  All of our engineers are specialists in their fields and can cover many subjects from CE certification, PLCs, drives, motion, and motor control centers to the basics of fittings, boxes, and terminations. 


Available Seminar Topics:

  • Basic Electricity
  • Advanced Electricity
  • OSHA
  • Drives
  • PLCs
  • Ethernet
  • CE Certification
  • Motion
  • Safety
  • Motor Control & Power Distribution
  • MMI/Scada/SoftPLC's
  • Sensors
  • Ethernet

With varied degrees of proficiency and scope, we strive to offer a blend of both hands-on and seminar-focused classes. All of our offices have been designed to easily accommodate and regularly update our focus on interactive technology training. “Please Don’t Touch” is a phrase you’ll never hear at one of our sessions.

If you have an interest in our classes offered or you would like a class customized to meet your specific needs, contact us at (800) 318-4618.