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Oct 14 2014

Schneider Electric Shares White Paper on Integrated Control and Safety

Posted by Bill Hirschinger in Automation

Schneider Electric recently shared a white paper outlining the benefits and also risks of integrating control processes with safety operations. As Schneider Electric's product management directors Grant Le Sueur and Phil Knobel explain the regularly separated arenas, they identify recent developments in data integration and 'cost control intiatives' that are allowing for increased integration of the two. The paper explores three identifiable models: 

  • Interfaced approach–control and safety systems communicate via custom software
  • Integrated but Separate approach–the two systems exist within the same network but share data only     across isolated channels
  • Common approach–Both systems share a common operating system

The authors then elaborate on a variety of industry compliances that are met through the different approaches to safety and control integration. You can find the entire white paper below.

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