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Nov 07 2014

'Automation Projects and Startup Humor' via ISA Interchange

Posted by Andy Penkalski in Automation

ISA Interchange offered a welcome Friday diversion earlier this morning. The blog post, 'Automation Projects and Startup Humor–how to laugh rather than fret', was shared by Greg McMillan–an author of numerous process control books and a retired Senior Fellow with Monsanto. The paragraph below will give you a sense of forward-worthy post's humor.

'Project meetings and startups can be stressful times to say the least. Here we gain insights by looking at the more laughable things we hear and see as automation engineers. The more ridiculous the statements and actions, the funnier they are. Humor makes the experience more memorable and can enable one to deal with the situation rather than just get frustrated. We start out with humor in project definition meetings and move on to batch songs and startups culminating in a performance review...'

You can find the whole post by clicking here. You can also find McMillan on Twitter by clicking here