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Oct 26 2016

November's Featured Supplier | Value-Added Services from Omni Cable

Posted by Isaac Haight in Featured Products

Omni Cable offers a wide variety of value added services such as twisting, striping, dyeing, lashing, bundling and kitting to customize your wire and cable.  They have the ability to custom build your wire or cable to meet the specific needs of your application. Their value added services can reduce costs by cutting down on installation time, eliminating errors, or extending the lifespan of a wire or cable.


Cable Twisting Services - Twisting is a great option for when you are pulling multiple conductors through the same area.  We can twist them together to form a multi-conductor cable that can be utilized without a jacket. This value added service can save you time and money on your project. 

Cable Striping Services - The cable is run through a machine that paints a stripe onto the wire.  The number of jacket colors available often only reaches 12, but with the option to add different color stripes to those jackets, your color coding options increase to over 60.  This is very beneficial when wiring an entire building through conduit, because the wire is easily identified on both ends. 

Cable Dyeing Services - If a cable is only manufactured in one color and you have multiple runs of the same cable, Omni Cable can dye the cable so that it can be easily identified after running it through the conduit.  The dyeing process is most effective on PVC type wires and fiberglass jacketed silicone wires. 

Cable Lashing Services - Lashing is the process of taking an outdoor cable, usually a tray or instrumentation cable, and attaching it to a messenger wire so that it may be used in aerial applications. The messenger wire withstands the tension so that the cable does not sag over time. 

Cable Kitting Services - This time-saving service provides a finished product to save contractors or panel-builders time on measuring, cutting, and trimming with this packaged solution.  Lengths can be cut as short as 6 inches, and different lengths can be color coded for easy identification for the installer. 

Cable Bundling & Paralleling Services - Bundling and paralleling is when you wind multiple runs onto one reel at the same time, so that you only need to pull once.  Whether you need your cables paralleled next to each other on the same reel, or bundled and pulled together, Omni Cable can take multiple single conductors and spool them simultaneously to create a single reel.