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Oct 17 2014

Belden Offers Resource for Defending Against Dragonfly Malware

Posted by Andy Penkalski in Networking

Last week, we looked at Design News' resource on avoiding cyber attacks on plant operation processes. Those talking points touched upon weak spots from the factory floor to the server room. However, the strokes there were broad in regards to the type of potential intrusion. This year, the Dragonfly malware (as identified by Symantec) has been one of the more pervasively implemented tools for application hackers. It's also the subject of a recent white paper from Belden, who has outlined a collection of defense approaches to combat the virus.

You can download the white paper by clicking here.

Belden's previously provided a crash-course on the topic, which you can find here. The ultimate goal of the Dragonfly malware is to invade energy and pharmaceutical plant operations for espionage purposes. However, this point of entry is soley fixated on doing so through the automation systems that its target company has in place. Topics explored in the white paper include...


  • An explanation of the significance of the Dragonfly malware    campaign for the automation market.
  • An overview of malware components.
  • The timeline of the attacks.
  • An analysis of the ICS-related vendors companies that were    compromised.


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