ABB 2TLA020054R0000 Blind Plug

2271852 MFG #: 2TLA020054R0000
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  • Dimensions: 23 mm H x 48 mm W x 15 mm D
  • Specifications: M12 Connector, M12x5 Male Connector
  • Suitable For Use With: Tina 4 or 8 A Connection Block
  • Type: Type TINA 1A

ABB 2TLA020054R0000 Blind Plug

ABB Blind Plug, Type TINA 1A, For Use With: Pluto AS-i v2/Pluto A20 v2/Pluto B20 v2/Pluto B22/Pluto B42 AS-i/Pluto B46 v2/Pluto D20/Pluto D20 (Harsh Env)/Pluto D45/Pluto D45 (Harsh Env)/Pluto O2/Pluto S20 v2/Pluto S46 v2/Vital 1/Vital 2/Vital 3 Safety Control Device and Connection Block Tina 4A or 8A, Specifications: M12x5 Male Connector, 23 mm H x 48 mm W x 15 mm D Dimensions

Additional Description: ABB -2TLA020054R0000 TINA 1A PLUG FOR TINA 4/8 TYPE ABB

Catalog Description: Tina 1A is a device that is designed for use with the connection block Tina 4A or 8A, where it is used as a blind plug in unused M12 connections.

  • Specifications
  • Used as a blind plug in unused M12 connections