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Get the highest levels of service at the lowest total cost with supplyforce and standard electric

SupplyFORCE gives your company access to a network of 200 different distributors with more than 2,500 branch locations representing the very best distributors in North America while delivering multi-category MRO (maintenance repair and operation) solutions.


SupplyForce and standard electric

As part of supplyFORCE, Standard Electric joins the network of 200+ distributors across the country delivering solutions to MRO customers.


Streamlining your procurement

Our partnership as a supplyFORCE distributor allows us to work locally with Fortune 1000 companies under one corporate agreement.

National Customer Solutions

Owner-Member Distributors
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Standard Electric is an owner/member of supplyFORCE, a multi-category MRO (maintenance, repair, and operating) solution to large Fortune 1,000 companies. supplyFORCE enables our national industrial customers to consolidate agreements and leverage their spending for both planned and unplanned purchases across all their locations. One comprehensive corporate agreement can support all product category needs, including electrical, industrial & safety, power transmission & bearings, pipe, valves & fittings, plus many others.

—Daniel Knapp
Director of Sales, Southern WI