Inventory Management Solutions

Managing your inventory so your business can run at peak efficiency

Having stock on hand is a major cost to your business. Excess inventory has a negative impact on your bottom line, so reducing inventory is one of the quickest ways to reduce your need for working capital. When it comes to inventory management, Standard Electric is here to help. With over 100 Vendor Managed Inventory accounts throughout the Midwest, Standard Electric is the expert in managing your inventory directly to your point of use.


Standard Electric’s Inventory Management Services provide solutions designed to increase both productivity and profits, directly improving your bottom line. We handle your inventory and maintain back-up inventory at our facilities. We keep records of all inventory used. We help you eliminate ordering costs, receiving, and stockroom management. You lower inventory carrying costs by reducing on-hand inventory and increase efficiency by eliminating stock outs.


Our Inventory management services include:

  • Product Standardization
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Stockroom Organization
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service Hotline
  • Real-Time Inventory Engineering Support
  • Kitting
  • Product Sourcing

Inventory Management Solutions

Over 110 VMI accounts
Savings > 20%
> 25M in sales

Standard Electric comes in, takes a look at what we need, they deliver it and all we really need to do is sign an invoice.

—Production Manager
OEM Manufacturer Milwaukee, WI

Inventory Management Resources

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