Value Engineering Assessment

Introducing the Value Engineering Assessment

What is a value Engineering Assessment ?

A Value Engineering Assessment is when our Technical Solutions Team sits with your production and design engineers and “unbundles” your design machine. Often, an OEM needs to decrease costs, increase production and efficiency. The result is a better, faster, safer, less expensive, and globally accepted product. Analyzing each step in its production, the team will look at how to make your product easier, better, faster safer and less expensive. 

Better, Faster, More Efficient

A smart OEM is always on the lookout for ways to save money, time, labor and to operate more efficiently and safely. The process takes time, energy and expertise. Standard Electric’s Technical Solutions Team provides Value Engineering Assessments to help you do this. 

Continuous improvement is a mindset

It is inherent in the culture at Standard Electric and it’s a value we can bring to your organization. Reach out to your Account Manager today to set up a time to discuss having a Value Engineering Assessment with a member of our Technical Solutions Team.

What Do You Get With a Value Engineering Assessment?

Make it easier:
  • We evaluate how to make a process or job easier for the operator.
  • We focus on producing the machine with less time and therefore less money.
  • A higher production rate in less time means the product’s cost is decreased.
Make it better:
  • We start by evaluating the materials that go into the machine. 
  • We suggest upgrades or component changes.
  • We seek additional features or better assembly processes.
  • We find you cost savings that impact the bottom line.
Make it faster:
  • We look at layout and process to identify efficiencies.
  • We determine how innovative new technology and equipment can simplify and streamline manufacturing processes.
Make it safer:
  • We suggest safety enhancements to aid in meeting safety and compliances guidelines.
Make it less expensive:
  • We focus on how to automate and streamline processes for cost savings.
  • We evaluate energy consumption to decrease costs.
  • We prioritize ROI as a means to find savings and maximize product applications.

Ready to Make Your Machine Faster, Safer, Cheaper & Better?

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Standard Electric is in tune with current technologies. They continue to grow the knowledge base to meet the demands of a very competitive world.

—Carl Schilling
Lead Electrical Engineer - Peddinghaus Corp.

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