ABB ACS580-01-078A-4 AC Drive

2355937 MFG #: ACS580-01-078A-4
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ABB ACS580-01-078A-4 AC Drive

ABB AC Drive, 3-Phase Low Voltage General Purpose, Series: ACS580, 380 to 480 VAC Input/480 VAC Output, 77 A, 50 hp, 60 hp, 8 in Width, 11.6 in Depth, 28.8 in Height, UL Type 1/IP21 Enclosure, Assistant Control Panel Display, Wall Mounting, Sheet Steel, Cool Gray/Traffic Black, Hot Dipped Zinc

Additional Description: ABBD-ACS580-01-078A-4 ACS580-01 480V 60HP 77A IP21

Catalog Description: General Purpose Industrial Drive, Product Family: ACS580, 480 VAC, Voltage Range: 380-480 VAC, 3-Phase Supply / 3-Phase Output, Light Duty Ratings: 77 A, 60 HP (10 percent overload for 1 minute / 10 minutes), Heavy Duty Ratings: 65 A, 50 HP (50 percent overload for 1 minute / 10 minutes), UL Type 1 (IP21), Frame Size: R5, Product HxWxD: 28.8 x8 x 11.6 in Weight: 62.4 lbs

  • Specifications
  • Compact design for easy installation, commissioning and maintenance
  • Controllable cooling fan
  • Built-in choke
  • Adaptive programming
  • Color coded connection terminals
  • 60 hp light duty, 50 hp heavy duty horsepower rating
  • Incoming air temperature measurement for protecting the drive from different temperature related failure mechanisms
  • Integrated safety including safe torque off (STO) as standard
  • Supports various motor types
  • Intuitive control panel with USB connection
  • Drive composer PC tool for commissioning and configuration
  • Primary control program - common software used throughout the ACS580 drive series
  • Control unit supporting a wide range of fieldbuses and input/output options
  • Coated boards as standard