Hubbell HBLNCW Weather Protective Cover

2256554 MFG #: HBLNCW
$30.14 / EA
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  • Dimensions: 2.2 in H x 2.03 in W, 2.57 in H x 2.2 in W x 2.03 in D
  • Series: 16 Series
  • Specifications: 600 VAC/250 VDC, 1-Device, 600 VAC/250 VDC, 400 A, 1 Device Display Size, Surface Mount, NEMA 3R/4X/12
  • Suitable For Use With: 300/400 A 1-Pole Devices, Single Pole Devices
  • Type: 1-Pole Fabricated, Fabricated Non-Metallic Standard
  • Color: White
  • Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer

Hubbell HBLNCW Weather Protective Cover

Wiring Device-Kellems Weather Protective Lift Cover, Fabricated Non-Metallic Standard, Series: 16 Series, For Use With: 300/400 A 1-Pole Devices, 600 VAC/250 VDC, 1-Device, Thermoplastic Elastomer, White, 2.2 in H x 2.03 in W


Catalog Description: Single Pole Products, Weatherproofing Cover, Non-Metallic, White

  • Specifications
  • Insulgrip® style housing for superior gripping conforms to the user’s hand making it easy to connect and disconnect, even with gloves on
  • Special screw thread requires fewer turns than most competitors and reduces the risk of a conductive screw being substituted
  • Extra long non-conductive inner sleeve reduces force required to install housing over contacts, easier to rotate contact in body for installing retaining screw
  • Engineered body design makes installation simple with no need for additional tools and the non-metallic retaining screw helps to make operation safe for all involved
  • Strip gauge molded into every plug and receptacle housing, simplifies installation and saves time
  • Indoor dry unless protected by additional means
  • Accommodates wide range of cables
  • Mounts to device
  • Fabricated construction
  • Easily identifiable cable cut-off points for secure fit allows you to easily customize and cut the housing to the required/correct cable size
  • Rounded corners reduce the possibility of catching or snagging on structures or equipment
  • Non-conductive retaining screw locks contacts in place and allows for easy installation, prevents contact movement within housing
  • Recessed mounting screw minimizes screwdriver slippage
  • Lock symbol aids in the mating of devices and provides a clear indication that the devices are properly connected
  • With lock indicator symbol making mating clear and simple, devices can lock 180 deg to prevent unintended disconnects
  • Provides high contact pressure and vibration resistant connection, which helps reduce operating temperatures and extends product life
  • High conductivity brass contact provides improved performance by helping to reduce operating temperatures and extends life