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ByLauren Willman


Standard Electric and Edwards Signaling are introducing the new 125XBRi Chameleon Xtra-Brite Multi-Status Indicator, with Xtra-Safe Technology.  This new technology makes it easier for operators to understand and differentiate machine status with a greater degree of confidence using light-based alerts versus color indicators.  The Chameleon Multi-Status Indicator is a safeguard for machine operators who may have some degree of color vision deficiency.  Split-second decisions can be quickly and easily made using these lighting indicators.

The ultra-high output LUXEON Rebel LEDs that power the 125XBRi light engine is extra-bright, more efficient, reliable, and longer-lasting than other LEDs. In fact, they are as eye-catching as xenon strobes while lowering high current draw and high operational costs of frequent strobe tube replacement.  The 125XBRi Chameleon multi-status LED indicator is available in your choice of Red/Amber/Green or Red/Amber/Blue.  A quick and easy change to the 125XBRi dip switch settings instantly converts these flexible indicators for use with or without control from an external PLC, PAC, or control relay.

Features & Benefits:

  • UL and cUL listed
    • Features a corrosion resistant Type 4X enclosure
    • Panel or conduit mounted
    • Base manufactured from 33% glass-filled nylon
    • High resistance to heat and high chemical resistivity
    • Lens made of shatter-resistant polycarbonate
  • Available in 24V DC or 120V AC
  • Available with gray or black base
  • Immune to shock and vibration
  • -3lF to 150F (-35C to 66C) operating temperature
  • PLC compatible
  • Protective wire guard available

The Edwards Signaling 125XBRi Multi-status Indicator is more "chameleon-like" than ever due to its new adaptive design.  With a quick change to the new 125XBRi Chameleon’s dip switch settings, these flexible multi-status indicators instantly adapt for use with or without control from an external PLC, PAC, or control relay. Regardless of the application, you will have just the right device for the job.

To learn more about Edwards Signaling 125XBRi Chameleon Xtra-Brite Multi-Status Indicator, click the link below and your Account Manager will be in touch.

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